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Savor the Brick Barn experience to the fullest—at home and here at the estate. As a Brick Barn member, you become part of our family. Your membership privileges include complimentary tastings, exclusive savings, limited-edition wines and access to our private member lounge during your visits. Each membership tier is Member's Choice which gives you the opportunity to select the wines you want to receive in every shipment. We invite you to personalize your membership by joining the tier that best fits your tastes and interests:

A perfect introduction to the Brick Barn membership experience...


Average Release: $90 - $115

For the enthusiast who wants to savor new releases and cellar some for later.

Average Club Release- $150-240

For the devotee who seeks complete customization and unmatched benefits.

Average Club Release- $300-$700

Brick Barn wines served “on tap” and ready to take home for everyday enjoyment.


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