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Brick Barn Winery LLC

Channing Jones
September 25, 2018 | Channing Jones

Brick Barn Close-Up: A Marvel in the Vineyard

Winemaking may be rooted in Old World traditions, but it is also driven by innovation. The wineries of today look nothing like they did 50 years ago, as countless new technologies have been created in the pursuit of making better wine.

This same innovative spirit can be found in the vineyard as well. Case in point: the PELLENC 640 Selectiv grape harvester that is helping usher in a new era in mechanical grape harvesting.

We are one of only a handful of Central Coast wineries to use this cutting-edge harvester. Historically, mechanical harvesting has been viewed as inferior to hand harvesting, as the machines of old were rough on the vines and grapes.

However, the PELLENC 640 Selectiv is a game changer. It is nothing short of a technological marvel that receives the clusters, eliminates debris, destems the fruit and sorts the grapes with a success rate of 99 percent intact berries. In other words, it is even more precise and effective than the human hand at delivering perfect fruit.

“It’s really an amazing technology—the fruit comes out almost perfectly clean, like little marbles, with virtually no leaf or stem matter,” says Tom O’Higgins, our general manager. “That’s exactly what you want when you are making high quality wines.”

PELLENC is a French company that was founded in 1973 with a mission of “constant innovation” in the field of agricultural equipment. Needless to say, they have lived up to their billing by delivering some of the wine industry’s most advanced harvesting and sorting equipment. 

The PELLENC 640 Selectiv’s benefits are not just limited to harvesting. This is a multi-function machine that operates throughout the year—pruning, hedging and pulling leaves.

“It is efficient and cost effective, and most of all, it helps us make the highest-quality wine,” Tom says.


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