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Brick Barn Wine Estate
November 1, 2023 | Brick Barn Wine Estate

Elevate Your Thanksgiving Feast: Perfect Pairings with Brick Barn Wine Estate

As the aroma of roast turkey and savory sides fills the air, it's time to gather around the table for a Thanksgiving feast. Elevate your dining experience with thoughtfully chosen wines from Brick Barn Wine Estate. In this blog, we'll guide you through the perfect wine pairings that will enhance the flavors of your Thanksgiving meal.


Brick Barn Chardonnay: A Versatile Opener

Start your Thanksgiving meal with Brick Barn's Chardonnay. Its crisp acidity and hints of green apple and citrus make it a versatile choice to complement a range of appetizers. Whether you're serving a creamy butternut squash soup or a vibrant autumn salad, this Chardonnay's balanced profile will harmonize beautifully.


Pinot Noir: A Graceful Match for Turkey

The centerpiece of any Thanksgiving table, the roast turkey, calls for a wine that complements its tender, succulent flavors. Brick Barn's Pinot Noir, with its delicate cherry and earthy notes, provides an elegant partner to the bird. Its medium body and silky texture make it a perfect match for the main course.


Cabernet Franc: A Bold Accent for Hearty Dishes

For those who prefer heartier Thanksgiving fare like lamb or beef, Brick Barn's Cabernet Franc steps up to the plate. This wine offers rich blackberry and spice notes, with a touch of herbal complexity. Its structured tannins and full-bodied nature make it an excellent choice for pairing with more robust dishes.


Estate Syrah: Embracing Spice and Savory

If your Thanksgiving table features dishes with a touch of spice or savory elements, the Estate Syrah is a superb choice. With its bold black fruit flavors, peppery undertones, and velvety texture, this wine complements dishes like sausage and herb stuffing or cranberry chutney with a delightful finesse.


Sauvignon Blanc: Brightening Up Sides and Salads

Brick Barn's Sauvignon Blanc brings a burst of freshness and vibrant acidity to the table. Its zesty citrus and tropical fruit notes are a natural complement to lighter sides like green beans, Brussels sprouts, and citrus-infused salads. This wine adds a crisp, invigorating element to your Thanksgiving spread.


Selecting the perfect wines for your Thanksgiving meal is a delightful endeavor that enhances the experience of gathering with loved ones. With Brick Barn Wine Estate's diverse range of varietals, you have a selection that caters to a wide array of tastes and dishes. From the elegant Chardonnay to the robust Cabernet Franc, each wine adds its unique charm to the Thanksgiving table. Cheers to a bountiful feast and memorable moments!


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