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Channing Jones
April 25, 2023 | Channing Jones

Four Ways to Make Your Red Wine Taste Better

If you are a lover of red wine, then you know how amazing it feels to savor a glass of the best-tasting wine from Brick Barn Wine Estate in California, There's something special about indulging in the rich flavors of red grape varieties, enjoying the aroma and the taste in your mouth. Whether it's a romantic dinner night, a relaxed weekend at home, or a fun wine-tasting event, the right red wine can make any occasion extra special — but red wine isn’t always everyone’s favorite flavor.

In this blog post, Brick Barn Wine Estate is sharing four ways to make your red wine taste better. If you have any questions or want to order a bottle of our wine, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Know The Right Temperature To Serve Your Red Wine

Serving red wine at the right temperature is essential for enhancing its flavor. Generally, red wine should be served at room temperature, but this may vary depending on the wine variety. For instance, a full-bodied red wine such as those produced by Brick Barn Wine Estate is best served slightly cooler than a lighter wine, according to Winemag. Consider storing your red wine at 55-64 degrees Fahrenheit and taking it out 15-20 minutes before serving to enhance its unique flavors. This will allow the wine to rise to room temperature.

Consider Aeration

Aeration means exposing your red wine to the air to optimize its taste. Many people believe that pouring your wine into a decanter can help you achieve this. A decanter exposes your wine to more oxygen and allows it to "breathe" - this encourages faster oxidation and enables the wine to release its full bouquet of aromas and flavors. Oak-aged red wines, like those produced by the Brick Barn Wine Estate, benefit the most from decanting.

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Pair Your Wine With The Right Food

Pairing your red wine with the right food can also bring out its unique flavors in the best way possible. A full-bodied red wine like those made at Brick Barn Wine Estate is perfect with red meat, mature cheese, and dishes with tomato-based sauces. You could also consider pairing your summer-in-a-bottle wine variety with barbequed meats or roasted vegetables.

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Age Your Wine In The Right Conditions

Aging red wine provides a deeper and richer flavor, but only if you have the right conditions to age it. Ensure that your wine bottles are kept in a cool and dark place, with stable temperatures and low humidity. Avoid storing wine in the fridge, as it changes the flavor, and only cork the bottles with a wine cork.

Making your red wine taste better requires some effort, but it's worth it in the end. By following the tips shared above, you will be able to enhance the flavors of your red wine, making it the best-tasting wine possible. Don't forget that to experience exceptional wine, you need to buy from a reputable wine estate like Brick Barn Wine Estate. With their expert winemaker, grapes for wine, fine wine for sale, and wine-tasting events, you can be sure to have a memorable wine experience.

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