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From Legacy Ranch to Winemaking Haven

The Story of Brick Barn Wine Estate


Brick Barn Wine Estate is a testament to the enduring vision and passion of its founders, Norman and Kathleen Williams, who embarked on a journey fueled by their love for wine and a dream to create something truly extraordinary.

The roots of Brick Barn run deep within the Williams family, spanning over half a century. Norman’s acquisition of 40 acres from the Buell family in 1968 marked the beginning of a legacy that would soon expand to encompass an adjacent 1,060 acres of the original Buell Ranch.

Originally home to a prestigious Arabian horse breeding facility, the property boasted a remarkable 36-stall brick barn, meticulously crafted by an Italian stonemason in the early 1970s. This iconic structure, adorned with its distinctive split-face brick fa├žade and mid-century modern roofline, became the cherished abode of Fortel, the Williams’ prized Arabian stallion.

As the years passed and interests evolved, Norman and Kathleen’s attention turned to viticulture. Inspired by the promise of their land and its unique terroir, they embarked on the ambitious endeavor of planting their own vineyard, encircling the beloved brick barn.

In 2012, 35 acres of vines were carefully planted in two distinct locations on the property, meticulously chosen to optimize the diverse microclimates and soil compositions. From the sandy soils near the Santa Ynez riverbed to the sun-drenched highlands with rocky terrains, each grape variety was thoughtfully selected to harmonize with the estate’s natural attributes.

The transformation of the original brick barn into a modern winery and gathering place marked a new chapter in the estate’s story, while other sections of the ranch continued to flourish with organic vegetable farming and cattle ranching.

With the inaugural wines crafted from the 2015 vintage and the opening of the winery tasting room to the public in 2018, Brick Barn Wine Estate emerged as a beacon of quality and innovation within the Santa Barbara County wine landscape.

Rooted in the rich history of Buell Ranch and the Rancho San Carlos de Jonata, Brick Barn Wine Estate stands as a tribute to California’s rancho era heritage. Today, nestled in the vibrant heart of Buellton, the estate contributes to the flourishing reputation of the Santa Ynez Valley as a premier destination for world-class wines, perpetuating a legacy of excellence that continues to thrive with each passing vintage.


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