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Estate Vineyards

Nestled within the picturesque Santa Ynez Valley, just north of the meandering Santa Ynez River and near the charming city of Buellton, lies the sprawling 35-acre expanse of the Brick Barn estate vineyard. Tucked away in a captivating winegrowing corridor, this hidden gem represents the epitome of viticultural discovery.

Distinguished as the westernmost vineyard within the esteemed Santa Ynez Valley AVA, Brick Barn stands as a beacon of vinicultural ingenuity. Its unique positioning straddles the border between the warmth of the valley’s interior and the cool embrace of the Sta. Rita Hills AVA, resulting in an unparalleled terroir.

Bathed in the invigorating influence of the nearby Pacific Ocean, located a mere 10 miles away, Brick Barn is graced with the relentless caress of marine elements. The gentle embrace of cool morning fog and refreshing evening breezes orchestrates a delicate dance, fostering an environment where ripening occurs steadily. This harmonious interplay ensures the preservation of natural acidity and structural integrity within the fruit.

Moreover, the estate basks in the unwavering gaze of the sun throughout the afternoons, nurturing the development of opulent, multi-dimensional flavors. It is this serendipitous fusion of sunlight and fog that imbues Brick Barn’s fruit with an unparalleled depth and complexity, elevating it to the pinnacle of vinicultural excellence.



Lower Vineyard

Enveloping our winery on three sides, lie our meticulously tended white variety blocks. Here, the soil composition is a testament to the ancient waterflows that once traversed this land, boasting deep, well-drained sands rich in history and character.

Embracing a vertical shoot position (VSP) trellis system, our vines stand poised for greatness, their rows elegantly aligned in a north-south orientation. This thoughtful arrangement ensures a symphony of sunlight throughout the growing season, bestowing upon our grapes a uniform and exquisite exposure to nature’s radiant touch.

Within these hallowed blocks, each varietal thrives, weaving its own unique tale of flavor and expression. From the crisp, vibrant notes of Albariño to the lush, decadent embrace of Chardonnay, our wines reflect the very essence of their terroir.

In every sip, in every bottle, the assertive aromas and tenacious acidity that characterize our wines are a testament to the intrinsic qualities of this remarkable terroir. Welcome to a world where passion meets precision, where nature’s bounty is transformed into liquid poetry—a world we invite you to explore, one glass at a time.

Block 1 / Albariño Clone 1 / 1.9 acres
Block 2 / Grenache Blanc Clone 141 / 3.28 acres
Block 3 / Viognier Clone 2 / 1.38 acres
Block 4 / Viognier Clone 1 / 2.52 acres
Block 5 / Chardonnay Clone 4 / 5.04 acres
Block 6 / Chardonnay Clone 809 / 2.96 acres
Block 7 / Vermentino Clone Tablas A / 2.1 acres



Upper Vineyard

Perched atop an idyllic highland, a mere 500 yards northwest of our lower white variety blocks, lies our prestigious red varieties vineyard. From this elevated vantage point, sweeping vistas unfurl, offering panoramic views that stretch from the picturesque Happy Canyon to the majestic Sta. Rita Hills.

Nature’s artistry is on full display as a natural spine gracefully traverses the vineyard, casting its shadow from west to east along the pinnacle of the highland. Here, amidst this natural splendor, our vines thrive, their roots delving deep into a soil rich in character—a clay loam adorned with an abundance of sedimentary chert rock, with whispers of limestone emerging to the east.

In this hallowed ground, where the land undulates in gentle waves, our rows of vines follow the contours with precision and grace. It is within this terroir that the essence of our red varieties is born—a testament to the native fruit intensity and inherent structure that define our wines.

Welcome to a realm where the earth speaks in whispers, where each grape carries the imprint of its origin—a land where passion and terroir intertwine to create wines of unparalleled depth and character.

Block 8 / Syrah Clone 1 / 1.03 acres
Block 9 / Pinot Noir Clone 115 / 1.01 acres
Block 10 / Pinot Noir Clone 828 / 1.55 acres
Block 11 / Pinot Noir Clone 777 / 1.43 acres
Block 12 / Pinot Noir Clone Pommard / 1.49 acres
Block 13 / Pinot Noir Clone 667 / 1.53 acres
Block 14 / Syrah Clone 470 / 1.35 acres
Block 15 / Grenache Clone 513 / 1.03 acres
Block 16 / Cabernet Franc Clone 332 / 1.27 acres
Block 17 / Cabernet Franc Clone 332 / 1.48 acres
Block 18 / Cabernet Franc Clone 332 / 2.64 acres





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